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Do you want to entice, engage and hold your readers' attention,

get your message across and

leave a distinct impression?

The effectiveness of your writing determines the perception others have of you, your message and ultimately your success. In a global survey of employers, writing correctly and persuasively comes top of a list of skills critical to professional success.


How well you write is more than simply grammar, punctuation and spelling. Our workshops are unique, as they also reveal how to employ the skills of sales, presentation and influence in your writing. They are run by Paul Hayden, an international author who is also well accomplished at producing clear, concise documents and passing those skills on to others.


Learn how to achieve your desired result by reducing the amount you write, whilst increasing the impact of your message. Write with increased energy and authority; make your text easier to read, interesting and more memorable.

Learn how to produce compelling and effective proposals, emails, letters, reports and more.



An excellent proposal may not win you the deal, but a poor one will definitely lose it. Are your proposals good enough to win?



The subject line and the first few words is all you have to persuade your reader to continue.

Will they delete your email or continue?



Four lines is all it takes for your reader to form an opinion of your letter, your company and you. What opinion do your letters create?



You write it last, but it is read first. Do your Executive Summaries inspire action?


Think and write creatively, use powerful language that persuades.

Increase the “readability” of your document,

reduce clutter and get your message across.


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