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Our presentation workshops are centred on you, the audience.


There is no formal agenda; it is customised to your experience and ability.


The topics and content covered are tailored to the observations and feedback from your own presentations and the presentation challenges that you experience.

The workshop is typically two days long, to give you the opportunity to practice and receive feedback and coaching from your colleagues and your facilitator. The key themes from your feedback will be used to promote further learning in training modules, coaching sessions and exercises. You may be asked to  do parts of your presentation again to practice and highlight your learning and progress.


The second day gives you the opportunity to perfect your presentation and receive further feedback, coaching and development. Additional topics will be covered based on the feedback received and the challenges that you highlight.


All your presentations will be recorded and used to highlight the key learning points of what worked well and what you can do to make it even better. Video clips of professional presenters are also used to illustrate key messages.


You will receive copies of your recordings for further review and self development. In addition, you will receive six months telephone/email support from your facilitator if you want further help or assistance with the design and/or delivery of your presentations.


Our facilitators are all regular presenters at conferences around the world. They have experience of working with presenters from different markets, countries and of differing abilities. They have many years of experience and success at helping individuals and companies deliver highly effective presentations.

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Here are some examples of the topics we can cover in addition to those you would normally expect on a presentation skills course: 

  • Audience analysis
  • Effective structure/story flow
  • Managing nerves 
  • Powerful language
  • Voice control and breathing
  • Making it memorable
  • Using story
  • Influencing and persuading
  • Data visualisation
  • Handling questions
  • Last minute presentations
  • Managing difficult situations