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Our sales and negotiation skills training is designed to enable your team to get their input right. This ensures that their output takes care of itself and both you and your team achieve your business goals.

Sales Training


We take the time to understand your market, your proposition, your challenges and your goals. This results in sales training that is more useful and practical. From beginner through to advanced, we can tailor an event that will develop your team. Our bespoke training is designed to enable your sales people to book more appointments, improve conversion rates and increase sales with both new and existing accounts.


Whether  you're looking for a one off event, or a blended learning academy solution, we deliver bespoke workshops, courses and programmes to meet your specific needs.


We provide training that covers all aspects of sales, including telesales, key account management and sales leadership


Our training is highly interactive, allowing your team to practice and master the skills learned. To add realism we often work with actors, either in practice sessions or in a full sales simulation. These simulations are ideal for an experienced team or a team who may be cynical about sales training. Your sales team work through a realistic scenario with challenging professional actors as their customers. These simulations are tailored to your situation and are a refreshing antidote to typical clasroom based courses.


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Our team of highly skilled and experienced sales and negotiation trainers have worked with thousands of companies in the UK and across the world. Our entire team works tirelessly to improve their knowledge, facilitaion skills and innovative methods of delivery to ensure that you receive real value from your training.

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Negotiation Skills

Whether you are selling, buying, or working with your colleagues in support of a project, account or supplier, you will be negotiating.


Whatever position you are negotiating from, our bespoke training will increase your probability of success. By refining your preparation, perfecting your technique and clarifying your understanding of Win/Win, you will learn to maximise each and every deal, whilst building positive long term relationships.


Our training enables you to understand the other person’s real position, negotiation power and the tactics used so that you can negotiate the best possible terms. Gain insight into the habits of great negotiators as you develop your own skills. Learn to negotiate on adding value rather than on price. Improve your ability to negotiate successfully and ethically in any situation.

You will be working with one of our experienced negotiation trainers, who will equip you with the appropriate tools and techniques you need. You will be able to employ these to your advantage in commercial and personal negotiations immediately. Our trainers achieve this through intensive and enjoyable skills training, practice and coaching. To add a real challenge we often work with actors who play the part of a realistic and challenging party to negotiate with.